Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company, we have a great responsibility not only to the people with whom we work, but also to our customers. We are always aware of this responsibility in our daily activities and create sustainable values for our society with our Corporate Social Responsibility.


Our work with the raw material hemp requires great responsibility. We are aware of this in all our decisions and our economic and social actions. We adhere to all legal regulations and our own code of conduct, which are further elaborated in the Code of Ethics.

Fair advertising for responsible consumption 

We attach great importance to fair advertising that our consumers perceive and inform them about our products. In the process, any negative reservations about the hemp plant are to be resolved and its beneficial effects placed in the focus of social attention.


We pay attention to a respectful interaction with each other. This includes an open and honest internal communication and a friendly togetherness.

The health of our employees is very important to us. For this reason, the production of our plants takes place on special, ergonomic tables. This ensures that our working methods are gentle on the body and joints. We work closely with the “Jugend am Werk” association and offer people who do not find their way into working life so easily a workplace where they are fully integrated and have a daily task.


The sustainable handling of our environment is of great importance to us. That is why we pay attention to the shortest possible transport routes and the economical use of resources in the production and distribution of our products. The hemp plants we use come entirely from the cultivation of Herneth Gartenbau in Graz, Austria.

Water management and waste management

Herneth Gartenbau KG works in a particularly resource-friendly manner. The special irrigation system saves 86% water by reprocessing. All pots are cleaned after use and used for the production of a new generation of plants. The soil already used is also disinfected with steam and then recycled for further use. In this way we reduce waste to an absolute minimum.

Data and information management

We stand for absolute transparency in the processing of data and information of our customers and business partners by observing strict data protection guidelines and laws. Here you can find our privacy Policy.

Social commitment

As a family-owned company with a focus on supporting people’s well-being and health, these topics are particularly important to us. That is why Hanfama supports selected organisations with financial contributions, donations in kind and personal commitment.